Electrical systems

Electrical systems

The Electrical Systems team at Provinn work with sustainable and smart solutions to technical challenges, such as energy efficiency and electrification in areas ranging from transport and production systems to communication solutions. Our experts are dedicated to help in the best possible way, always with the focus on the needs of our customers.

Our tight collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology, by, e.g., an adjunct professor, and participation in various research projects guarantees that we keep our knowledge up to date to the benefit for our customers.


Our experienced EMC-team work with everything related to EMC, ranging from test report and hardware reviewing, laboratory measurements to design support and numerical analysis. Provinn also give courses in EMC, covering both theoretical and practical aspects. As within all our areas we at Provinn are flexible, and always have the best for our customers in focus.


Our antenna team has the competence and skills to design antenna solutions based on the customers’ needs and specifications. We have the right EM-simulation tools needed for the task, and by a tight collaboration with our sister company Yovinn in the Vinn-group, we can also offer mechanical design and manufacturing of prototypes.

Provinn is a proud co-founder of the mm-wave/THz Antenna Measurement Chamber at Chalmers University of Technology. Through this collaboration we can offer the complete chain from antenna electrical design all the way to final verification of the realized hardware. 


Our experts have a unique competence and extensive experience of electromagnetic simulations, especially within the areas of EMC, EMF, and antennas. We offer solutions in all areas regarding electromagnetic simulations using commercial as well as in-house developed simulation tools. Our mission is to help our customers in all phases of the product development chain.

Functional development

Provinn develop and test new functions for your mechatronic systems. Simulation and testing are closely connected for us. In this way, the results of experiments that we make on real prototypes can be incorporated in your design and optimisation process at an early stage.

Test management

At Provinn we are committed problem solvers. By engaging Provinn’s test manager you will have the guarantee of your product’s functionality needed for launch. With our knowledge, experience, and our commitment we lead the test team safely from start to finish.

Our expertise covers the entire process, from test strategy and planning – including testing and choice of method and elicitation – to resource planning, budget, and final verification.

Through our professional network, we can ensure that we cooperate with the best external testing companies / testing labs. Moreover, one of our tasks is to critically examine suppliers and their results.