Positioning & ADAS

The positioning and ADAS team at Provinn work close together with our customers and is the link between the customer and the supplier of test equipment that Provinn represent in the Nordic countries. Our team members are dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ demands and needs. Provinn with its competence is a natural partner in positioning and ADAS.

Our tight collaboration with our product partners, and participation in various research projects guarantees that we keep our knowledge up to date to the benefit for our customers.

Positioning and ADAS

The team consists of competence from all parts of the chain, from representative of our partner suppliers of test equipment to the test engineers performing testing on site at the customer.

Services in Positioning and ADAS

With our competence in the products and market we can offer:

Training and courses for our products. From basic training to get an effective start of your new test equipment to advanced use cases with large and complex test setups.

Support for our products. We can offer remote support or support on your test site.

Test engineers working at site at customer. Our test engineers can perform tests as a project or be members of the customers team.

We can help the customer with installation and setup of the products we represent.